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  “Working out and training at On the Go Fitness has made me realize how important exercise is in my life. It has become a great part of my well-being.” – Allison Hall, Saint James

“I used to watch people running and think, ‘I could never do that’. With the help and encouragement of the trainers at On the Go Fitness, I’ve ran many races and I’m now training for my first half-marathon. On the Go Fitness has helped me achieve things I never thought I’d accomplish.” – Haylie LaRosa, Nesconset

“Since joining On the Go Fitness three years ago, I have lost 30 pounds and kept it all off.  I've increased my strength and I have a lot more energy. I love the small gym atmosphere and the dedication of the trainers who have really helped me to achieve my fitness goals.” – Sheila Kehoe, Smithtown

“For the first time in five years, this year’s New Year’s resolution wasn’t to lose weight. On the Go Fitness has helped me maintain my fitness and weight goals all year long.” – Jen Roman, Saint James

“I have been coming to On the Go for about a year, and I have never felt so comfortable at a gym. Now my whole family comes here. My trainer is great, and the whole staff is helpful and friendly.” – Noreen Desio, Smithtown

“On the Go Fitness is unlike any other gym—you receive so much encouragement and one-on-one support.” – AnnMarie LeBeau

“Training at On the Go Fitness has made me reach new heights in my fitness. Jay Fields keeps me motivated and my workouts are interesting and challenging—it is never boring.” – Ray Denninger, Saint James

“If you want to lose weight and get in shape, On the Go Fitness is the best place to go.” –John Kelly, Head of the Harbor

“When I first started coming to On the Go Fitness, I didn’t feel very good about myself. The encouragement of the trainers and staff at Go Fitness boosted my self-esteem and really made me believe in myself. I’m a new person.” Lillian Casamassima, Commack

“On the Go Fitness has a variety of challenging classes and professional trainers that help keep me on track with my fitness goals.” – Karen McAvoy, Saint James

"I love being a member of On the Go because they offer a variety of classes in a non-intimidating environment. I’ve found all the trainers to be very motivating, and participating in the Biggest Loser Contest was a great experience for me."  Patti Waring, Saint James

“Seven or eight months ago, I started looking online for a personal trainer. I found On the Go Fitness, but I procrastinated joining for quite some time. Finally, I stopped by to check out the facility and get some info. I am so happy I did!  In five months, I have lost 36 pounds with the help of my trainer, Mike, and I haven't looked back!” – Giuliana Mulazzi, Ronkonkoma

“On the Go Fitness is by far the cleanest gym I’ve ever been to.” - Toomas Niemann, Saint James.

“I have never seen the results as I have the last few months working with Jay Fields. I have suffered personal tragedy during the previous year, and during times when it was very difficult to focus, Jay kept me on track. I lost 34 pounds in 10 weeks during my first Biggest Loser contest - I am on a mission to lose 100 pounds, and I am half way there. I set a goal for myself to be healthy for my beautiful four year old girl and I will not quit until it happens. I would like to thank Jay for changing my life forever.” – Rick Rand, Wading River

On my 43rd wedding anniversary, I decided to buy myself a present.  I was feeling overweight and a little dowdy and, well, old.  Folks who looked at me might not see those things, or think it, but I did. 

            My gift to myself was the services of a man whose mantra I embraced in most areas of my life – “no excuses, just results.”  Jay Fields was a fledging personal trainer who left the world of finance to devote his life to his passion – training people to be healthier through exercise and good nutrition.  Now well established, with a beautifully equipped gym, and clients flocking to his door, he has turned me and countless others into healthier, happier, more energetic and focused people. 

            It’s almost a year and a half later and I am 38 lbs thinner.  But, the transformation is not just in weight loss (who I am kidding, that feels amazing!), it’s in attitude and mind set.  I’ve let my hair grow and am not only shopping in different stores, but in my own closet for things I’d thought I’d never wear again! 

            People walk by me and don’t recognize me.  I don’t get insulted – I’m flattered!  And to think, it all began with a phone call – a returned phone call and a visit.  Jay did not make me feel like I was his oldest client (which I was).  He made me feel that he could help me accomplish my goals (not his) and set a pattern to follow for life. 

            Thank you, Jay – for helping me prove to myself that at any age, even if you don’t have a lot of time, you can get results—great results.  While I re-invent people through their homes and offices, you helped me re-invent me! 



Natalie Weinstein

Natalie Weinstein

I am a diabetic and everyone knows the importance of exercise.  I just never had the time for it.  I work full time and I have 3 kids.  After speaking with Jay, I set my goal on May 1, 2007.  I knew Jay from our daughters playing soccer together and he told me about On the Go Fitness.  That is how it started!! Jay gave me a diet to follow that allowed me to loose 8 pounds in 4 weeks.  I am on a MISSION!!  Every month I set a new goal.  Sometimes I meet it and sometimes I don’t ….I just work harder the next time!! Setting goals really helps me.

My biggest problem with gyms is the size.  I wanted to take classes in small groups. I needed to be told what to eat and how much. I wanted to be told what exercise/machine works better for certain areas.  I wanted something that bigger gyms cannot offer me… I want the attention of a personal trainer without paying for it!!! I am definitely getting it at On the Go!!!  I am loving the RESULTS!! I have lost inches, and I actually have rips and cuts in my upper body.   When I workout I feel energized and less stressful throughout the day.  I have a GREAT feeling of accomplishment when I walk out of the gym.  On the Go Fitness has improved my Life!!! Thanks Jay, James, Rich and Barbara!!!

-Darlene Couto 8/8/07



  Dear Jay,

 I'm writing to let you know how much the last 6 months with On th Go Fitness has changed my life.At forty three years I never cosidered myself a physically fit person. I am your typical join the gym let the membership expire and move on. For the past 4 years I belonged to Gym where I worked with a personal trainer twice a week.I spent most of the time drinking lattes during my workouts or finding excuses to cancel.I was ready for a change and a friend suggested On the Go. I was expecting the usual routine and was pretty unenthusiatic,but then something happened.I found my challened by the workouts and variations each time.Before I knew it I was actually looking forward to seeing how hard I could push myself.Along with the great workouts came the motivation to lose 16 pounds. Last weekend I Walked/Jogged 5 miles in the St James Fire Department Race wearing a twenty pound vest.It was my own idea and although my friends still can't believe it,finishing that race finally made me realize that I really am now a physically fit person.

                       Thank you once again for all your encouragement and guidance.Look for me ruunning the 5 mile race next year.

Nora Lynn

On The Go Fitness                                                   April 25

St James

New York, 11780



On behalf of the Mills Pond Elementary School PTA and our school community I want to thank you for enabling us to provide an afternoon fitness program for grades 1-5.  As you are aware health and wellness are important issues in our schools today. Although parents have primary responsibility for the health of their children, schools are vital forces in reinforcing that role.  Through ongoing programs such as your kid’s fitness program, you have provided us with the perfect opportunity to help meet the PTA’s most critical challenge of bettering the lives of children.


As a personal advocate of kid’s health and wellness it has been my sincere pleasure to have worked with you on this program.   It has been with great joy that I have been able to watch, as you provided a safe, active and fun environment for the kids each week.  We have had a overwhelming response to this program and look forward to coordinating future activities for our school.


Once again thank you for giving the children of our school this opportunity.




Donna Pedone

1st Vice President

Special Committees



     "My daughter, Chelcie, is 16 years old and a nationally ranked tennis player.  At her level of
      play, at this time, it is quite essential that she is explosive on her first step to get to the
      ball and quick in her every move especially when anticipating where that tennis ball is going each
      and every time.  She must be physically fit, trained hard, and her stamina has to be better
      than great!
      Chelcie has, over the years, worked with many P.E. teachers, trainers and people who
      condition athletics.  She has the body-type of being "solid" and tight so she needs extra
      care and work to loosen her up and keep her fit.  I, being a compulsive cardio and weight-
      training parent myself, haven't been "satisfied" with the people that Chelcie has worked
      with.  At times, I have thought that maybe this is as fit as she will get................until
      Jay at On The Go Fitness.
      Jay has worked with Chelcie for approximately 4 months now; and most of the time, I do
      not watch Chelcie at tennis practice each and every day.  I only watch her matches.
      Back in January, one particular match was 3 1/2 hours long.  I was amazed.  I have
      never seen Chelcie as explosive until that night.....EVER!  Each point was like it was her
      first.  She was at the ball and set herself up to hit a winner each and every time.  I saw
      that she was light on her feet and didn't drag through the match.  What was more
      impressive, was her stamina.  She was able to handle the longest points without getting
      out of breath.
      I must commend Jay for his determination and hard work that he has put into Chelcie.
      He must be pleased  with her results as I am and, more importantly, how
      hard Chelcie has worked.  She is ecstatic with herself and self-confident again."

Chelcie from Commack

Jay Fields embodies everything a trainer should be.  Importantly, he, himself is totally fit. He practices what he preaches.  In addition, I believe, he is interested in all of his client’s goals.  He is sensitive to the uniqueness of his clients.  He uses his commitment to help others, in his proactive approach to working out.  He can turn a complaint into a goal, in a heartbeat.  He is positive, and eager to assist.  It is amazing how quickly the hourly sessions go by.  There are always new movements and challenges, in the workouts.  His high energy is contagious.  It is always evident that he has put in the extra time, to design each workout, to be productive, appropriate, and really enjoyable.


In four months, I have found tremendous success for my efforts.  I feel great and believe I look better than I have, in some time.  The aches and pains ‘of the age’, are so diminished.  My flexibility is improving.  I believe the compliments I receive.  Most of all, I am enjoying what I am doing.  “Working out is not longer a drudgery, for me.


Thanks Jay.  On the Go Fitness is just what I needed.  For someone like me, who is often ‘on the go’, the programs are perfect; and the inspiration is priceless.



Head of the Harbor


I’ve always thought about working out with a personal trainer, and finally I am. It was a great decision. Jay really motivates me; from day 1 telling me that if I followed the program I would see the results. Not only did I see the results, so did all my friends and family! I feel so much better about myself, and I look forward to each training session. I would not have ever done it on my own. Thanks Jay!

Joanne from Smithtown

When I first started coming to you I didn’t feel very good about myself, and had very low self esteem. I was always tired, and had no desire or energy to do anything. You always tried to boost my moral and gave me the encouragement to go on, even though I wasn’t very receptive to your compliments. Now, 3 months later, and 23 pounds lighter, I’m a new person. I’m full of energy, with a much happier and healthy attitude. I still have away to go, but thanks to you, I know I’ll get there. Thanks again, for the constant encouragement.

Lillian from Commack

I have been training with Jay Fields for the last 2 years, prior to that I had trained on my own for 3 years and was in what many would consider great shape. Since I’ve trained with Jay, I have elevated my fitness to a whole new level. I have seen my body fat drop to 10%, increased muscle mass, stamina, and endurance. Jay brings a fresh approach to our workouts each day, keeping the workout new, interesting and innovative.

I never say I “have to” go and workout, instead I start each day looking forward to whatever new twists may have been added to our daily workout. In short, whether you are just getting started, or looking to step it up I highly recommend Jay Fields.

Steve, Long Island, NY

I'm a forty year old mother of three. I started training with Jay Fields in October and by December I've already lost twenty pounds and two pants sizes. The inches are falling off of me. It has changed my outlook on life and myself. Since training with Jay he has given me the confidence that I can do and accomplish anything with hard work.

I've become physically stronger. Before I couldn't walk up stairs without being out of breath. Now I lift weights,box, and I'm running on the treadmill, when I started I could only walk. Each session with Jay is something new. He challenges me and my end result is a positive self image of myself which I haven't had for a long time. This process has become a way of life for me. It's not a "quick fix", with training and eating right, I along with Jay will accomplish my goal for a healthy, better way of living.

Mary Beth